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Engine Management Services

Maintain optimum asset value of your engine with our expert services

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for Engine Management

Engines are the heart of every aircraft, yet their maintenance poses challenges due to technical complexity, stringent regulatory requirements, and the need for specialized expertise.

TBM Aviation expertise is what you need to simplify this process from day one. We provide comprehensive services to keep your engines’ value in optimum condition while ensuring cost-efficient maintenance and regulatory compliance at every step of the process.

Experienced Engine Specialists At Your Service

Enriched by years of hands-on experience, our engine specialists deliver comprehensive technical assistance, project management, and on-site support to ensure your valuable assets are maintained properly.

What We Do

  • Engine Shop Visit Management

  • Engine Workscoping

  • Engine Health Monitoring and Analysis

  • Audit and Pre-Purchase Inspection

  • Record Review & Digitalization

  • Engine Borescope Inspection

  • Engine Storage & Preservation Monitoring

  • Engine Maintenance Reserve Evaluation

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