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Borescope Inspection Services

Detailed borescope inspection with advanced tools and experienced inspectors

Advanced Tools, Experienced Inspectors

With aircraft maintenance, we fully understand that meticulous attention to detail is key.


Our Borescope Inspection Services leverages the most advanced borescope equipment and experienced inspectors, aimed to provide you with thorough assessments, valuable analysis, and tailored recommendations.

Ready to Cater to Various Needs

We offer a wide range of services encompassing various engine types, APUs, and other inspection aircraft structures. We can also provide EASA-certified services if required.


Our borescope inspection services extend beyond aviation, with the ability to handle a diverse range of other needs including industrial applications.

What We Do
  • Scheduled & Unscheduled Borescope Inspection​​

  • Pre-Purchase Borescope Inspection

  • End of Lease Borescope Inspection

  • Borescope Inspection for Non-Aviation Needs

Aircraft Type:
  • A320

  • B737NG

  • CRJ1000

  • ATR72

  • Bell505

Engine & APUs:
  • CF34 Series

  • CFM56 Series

  • LEAP-1 Series

  • CF6 Series

  • V2500 Series

  • PW100 Series

  • JT8D Series

  • GTCP-131 Series

  • GTCP-85 Series

Get in Touch with Our Team

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