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Vast Expertise, Diverse Experience

First formed in 2019, PT Tobe Aviasi Indonesia (TBM Aviation) is the go-to partner for high-quality, cost-effective, and customizable aircraft technical solutions in Southeast Asia and beyond.

Now in 2024, TBM Aviation boasted a team of 25+ skilled engineers, each hailing from diverse technical expertise and enriched by years of experience in airlines and MROs. Our wide-ranging project portfolios serve as a testament to our expertise, highlighting our capabilities to provide quality services tailored to diverse needs

Our Projects


Mid-lease Inspection





Total Assets Managed

in 2022 - 2023

Physical Inspection & Tech Representative

Record Inspection
(Asset Transition)

Engine Asset Transition

Physical Inspection
(Asset Transition)

Engine Borescope Inspection

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Our expertise extends across a broad spectrum of aircraft parts, such as:

  • Cabin

  • Reliability

  • Structure

  • Airframe & system

  • Powerplant

  • Maintenance Standard


Our team is broadly spread across several important work scopes, such as:

  • Engineering - Specializing in the management of technical aircraft maintenance aspects, ensuring airworthiness and regulatory compliance.

  • Maintenance Planning - Coordinating inspections, repairs, and ongoing maintenance to optimize aircraft availability and minimize operational disruptions.

  • Technical Record - Maintaining accurate and comprehensive records of aircraft maintenance history, modifications, and compliance documentation.

  • Quality Assurance - Ensuring all maintenance and airworthiness activities meet the highest quality and safety standards.

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  • A320 Series

  • A330 Series

  • A350




Twin Otter

  • B737 Series

  • B777

  • B787

  • ATR72 Series

  • CRJ1000

  • Q400

  • DHC - 6

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Engines & APUs

  • CFM56 Series

  • LEAP GE Series

  • CF34 Series

  • V2500 Series

  • PW100 Series

  • GTCP131 Series

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